There has always been controversy surrounding copyright law, and below are a few videos that express varied opinions about copyright. Watch these, and try to form your own opinion about how copyright law should look in the future. Then complete the activity below.

National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center – Anti-Piracy

California Teen’s Pro-Copyright View

Copyright is Too Long (Shorten it!)

Lengthy Debate Between Pro- and Anti-Copyright Groups

OPTIONAL (for deep thinkers):
Another debate between pro- and anti-copyright personas.


We will be using Flipgrid for this activity. After you have viewed the above videos, decide what your current position is on copyright law, then head to the Flipgrid activity at the link below and record yourself AT LEAST TWICE. You may present a new topic with one of your recordings if you want, but the other must be in response to a fellow student (both can be responses if you want). As you respond, please remember that other students are people too…

If you need help thinking of something to say, here are some questions you might consider answering as part of your response (you don’t have to use these if you don’t want to):

  • Does copyright encourage people to be creative?
  • What would be the benefits and drawbacks of a no-copyright society be?
  • Would society lose out on large-scale media (blockbuster movies, best-seller books, etc…) without the protection of copyright?
  • Should the current duration of copyright (death + 70 years) be shortened, lengthened, or remain the same?
  • Can you think of an alternate system other than copyright that would still benefit authors/artists and society?
  • *Come up with your own question about copyright, and answer it!

Link to the Flipgrid –

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