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The Heath Brothers are absolutely someone to follow. Chip and Dan Heath have written four books together including:

Chip is a professor at Stanford, and Dan was in research until he become a “Senior Fellow” at Duke University. They both have a background in business leadership. Their bios can be viewed on their website.

I have read or listened to each of these books except Switch. In a bookstore, I would guess they would go in the “self help” or “business” section but they really are more than that. I would argue that in each of their books, they tackle a widely held misconception about how the world works and assert with logic, research, and anecdotal experience, that there is a better way. I think the most profound for me personally was The Power of Moments, but Made To Stick was an excellent addition to my teaching pedagogy and Decisive offered me some clear strategies to use in my personal and professional life. I always come away from one of their books talking about it and wanting to share the ideas with other people.

The other thing I really like about their books are all the supplementary materials available on their website. After you register for their free membership, you can download and use posters, workbooks, podcasts, and more for each of their 4 works.

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