Make and Share 2: The not-so-interactive online PDF.

I created this interactive PDF to fulfill the “Make and Share” assignment and showcase a little bit about what I learned this summer about the program. I also used it to illustrate a point in my response to the The Domain of One’s Own and related readings. Lastly, I had to learn how to embed a PDF, which required downloading a plugin and then fiddling with the settings because the plugin seemed not to like that my pdf was in landscape orientation and was cutting off the right 1/3 of the document.


UNFORTUNATELY the plugin apparently strips all the interactivity out of the pdf, so if you want to experience the full effect of the buttons and links, you will have to download the pdf and then open it with a web browser.

I also tried embedding from a shared Google Drive file, and–when that failed–linking to the shared file, but only had the same static pdf as a result.

I began the process described in this video that explains how to do this by exporting your InDesign project as an SWF in hopes of being able to preserve the interactivity. It seemed like a good video, but it required the use of an FTP program, with which I have very little experience. All-in-all, it was a little more than what I’m willing to do for 10 points on this Make and Share, especially after already spending so much time on the PDF itself.

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