Digital Citizenship Fastwrite

I think a person’s citizenship is their contribution to the community they live in. If a person can be considered to “live” part of their life online, then their digital citizenship is their contribution to any online community in which they find themselves or the worldwide online community as a whole. What they bring to the community can be positive or negative, creative or consumptive, critical or blaseĀ“. I’ve never really contemplated this before, but another thought might be that when viewed from a certain angle digital citizenship can work hand-in-hand with our regular idea of citizenship (using online communities to promoting offline events or activities maybe) or it could also be taking away from each person’s ability to foster traditional citizenship: the more time a person spends online, even in a social venue, the less time they are spending contributing to their offline community, thereby missing out on chances to improve their citizenship in meaningful ways. In other words, when I am online contributing to digital communities and earning DCP’s (Digital Citizenship Points) is that preventing me from earning CP’s (Citizenship Points) simply because my time is finite and I have to choose to spend my time online or offline. As I write this, I can already see holes in it, but I’m trying to create this as a one-off, and not revise. So, is digital citizenship a parallel to it’s offline counterpart and they can work together, or can they be considered mutually exclusive or maybe something in between? Ultimately, I believe that the most important thing a person can do is improve themselves and the lives of the people around them in their communities. When that work is being done, it is called good citizenship whether online or offline, digital or otherwise.

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