Cinemagraph 1

My oldest son was happy to help me with this project even while he screeched about the cold water in his face, because he loves to be wet.

Today I woke up deciding that it was time to tackle a choice assignment or two, but wasn’t sure yet what I was going to do. This spring, I came across a new (or at least hybrid) form of media called a cinemagraph (examples here) in an ad for a phone app and I promptly downloaded the app and pulled some of my graphic design students away from their work to be my subjects. We had fun playing with it, but as expected, in order to unlock the full functionality (like exporting without a water-mark), you had to pay for the full app. I thought today would be a good day to experiment with creating one in Photoshop, so I watched a tutorial video and then asked my kids if they wanted to help me with a little project by playing in the sprinkler. I captured a bunch of video of them running around and playing in the sprinkler, but this was really the only one that worked for the project. I think in order to improve the next time I make one of these, I should try something simpler where most of the scene is still, and the movement doesn’t overlap what is supposed to be still.

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    1. I have made animated GIFs before as a student, and I have assigned them to my more advanced photo students for a few years as one way of turning in their timelapse project, but for some reason when I tried to export this one as a GIF in Photoshop it kept giving me errors, so I settled for .mp4 as a format and that seemed to work fine.

      1. What kind of errors? Could you share the source so I can test?

        I have a lot of friends that have students making animated GIFs, just very few of them that are making cinemagraphs, which I think are a very cool use of the format…

        1. I’m happy to share. Just to clarify, it’s a Photoshop error, not WordPress. The error arose when I tried to export the Photoshop timeline using the “Save for Web” command in the File menu. Maybe it’s something in the GIF settings in the subsequent dialog box, (I tried several of the presets, but didn’t mess much with the individual settings) but when I tried to click “save” it gives me a message: “Could not complete this operation. An unknown error has occurred.”
          If you’d like the Photoshop file to take a look, let me know your preferred method for receiving it (it’s around 19mb).

          Also, I apologize that I announced my collection1 stuff without getting all my choice assignments up beforehand. I was skipping around a bit, trying to catch up with pieces that were doable at the moment when I found myself with a little time, and I didn’t really quite realize that they were all supposed to be linked to that initial blog post before publishing. I’m about to post my second “makeandshare” and a couple more choice assignments maybe before the end of the day. On to Collection 2 tomorrow! I’m hoping to be caught up and finished with Collection 3 by the end of the weekend, but we’ll see…

          1. If you want to send the file to the class email address or share the file using any of the various file sharing services, it all works fine! At least I could see if I can duplicate the error?

            Re: the skipping around. That’s not a problem at all. Basically, at some point I need the “index” post that signals to me you are done with a Collection, at which point I will assign a grade in the gradebook that also links back to that post, but that process is essentially housekeeping and makes sure we are on the same page (or post, I guess) as far as what work you are placing in that collection (since many of the choices can be made for multiple collections, which can otherwise be rather confusing)…

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