List of Topics

Intended Audience

This unit is designed for high school students (grades 9-12) in a media arts course such as Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Yearbook, etc… I decided to create it as a series of web pages in order to be able to incorporate basic web interactivity (links, videos, images, and outside apps like Prezi and Flipgrid).

Next Steps

Before I used this with students, I would design another few assignments, one of which would be to create a piece of remix media using other CC media and give it a CC license. This was a really helpful process for me the first time that I did it and I would like to pass that experience on. Also, I would spice up the website and add pictures and probably work some more on the formatting. After teaching it once, I’m sure I would have to do some heavy revision based on what worked for my students and what didn’t.

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